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Coronavirus communication strategy

The coronavirus crisis has only just begun, but we know that your brand is already suffering the consequences: ERTE’s, layoffs, closure, and cessation of billing if you don’t have an online store. In Japan, the word crisis is made up of the characters used to express “danger” and “opportunity”, a philosophy with which Jungle Communications fully agrees. With a sensitive and well-planned communication and digital marketing strategy, the crisis we’re facing together is a time where your brand can do great good. Lead the way as a positive force using digital communication to reach past the barriers of confinement and touch people’s daily lives. This is an opportunity to do something truly worthwhile and generate quality content that adds real value to your audience.

The impact of coronavirus on your company

The coronavirus is a health crisis. It has the potential to also be an economic crisis with significant ongoing consequences. Teleworking has become a vital lifeline for those sectors whose activity can be carried out remotely. For many businesses, this level of remote working, is new territory. It is essential to quickly master both internal communication (with employees) and external communication (with customers) in this new world so the brand remains strong despite the difficulties.

Coronavirus may have forced you to close the physical doors of your business, but your brand never stops. Now is the time to drive qualitative content and focus your communication on showing the world a strong, caring brand standing side by side with your audience committed to being there and in-touch with people’s reality. When the crisis is over, we will all remember those that went the extra mile and remained with us as a calm, solid oasis standing strong in-the-midst of this difficult situation. Brands included.

Your clients are online

Unable to socialise outside the home, your customers are, more than ever, connected to the internet. This is a unique opportunity to talk to them, to establish a real, human and emotional conversations and to show the genuine, raw concern we are all feeling for one another, for how they are managing, for how they are coping with, what for most of us are, unprecedented levels of confinement.

Right now, it’s irrelevant if you are a large company or a small business, we have all been catapulted back to an almost level playing field. A field that is not yet as crowded by brands as the usual markets. What matters most now is, unquestionably the well-being of our fellow citizens. It’s the time for the strong of heart to stand up and be counted. To demonstrate your social commitment.

Internet use is 50% higher than it was before this crisis began, so your brand can choose to be part of the conversation, or not.  This is a digital opportunity with unprecedented audience reach and engagement potential. Interest in the content of the social networks has never been so high.

Know your clients and be known

This period of confinement is a unique opportunity to get to know your client better. With much commercial activity on pause, move the focus to engagement and discovery. Offer top digital content that serves to both support your clients and unearth what most interests your audience, what they really care about. Observe their behaviour, reactions and preferences.  Be early to see changes that could have significant impact on our future world and take it as a reference for your future digital communication. Discover first hand the uncommon knowledge that becomes a competitive advantage.

Communication is a two-way street so open-up, let the world know who you are, what your brand is really about. Humanise your content as never before and be true to who and where you are today. Personal stories penetrate and communicate the true essence of a brand better than anything. Audio visual content always conveys this best. Make short videos and show who is behind the scenes. Explain your why, strip it all away and explain the motivations for your brand, tell your story, listen to each other, talk, connect, play together, try new things in this weird new world we’re grappling with together and establish an emotional bond.

Play with the client, try new things and establish an emotional bond

The coronavirus crisis has created a new norm in which creativity is more highly valued than ever within a communication strategy. With thousands of companies launching messages to the network daily and with millions of people now intently following minute by minute a novel approach is welcomed with open arms by users, who are looking for fresh and original content that adds value to their day to day. Don’t be afraid to take risks with your content, what can tease a smile? Or arouse the passions or pique the interest of your audience? Find it, create it and use it. It doesn’t need to be complex. Think of your favourite games and create a game with a similar dynamic. Entertain your customers with questions about your sector or your brand. There are no limits.

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