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Fruterías La Botiga


La Botiga is a food produce shop in Barcelona. Although this brand brings 15 years of experience, its owners have over 40 years experience in the produce industry, since from a very young age they helped their parents with their businesses. With their background, and taking advantage of the rise of online purchasing, they decided it was time to create their own website and social media accounts. They placed their trust in Jungle Communication for this endeavour.

The fact that they were already a well established brand with an abundance of experience in the sector helped to create a strong digital brand with a great capacity to attract their potential customers. This was achieved through a defined line of communication that was applied both in website design, content as well as in social media.


The first step to ensure a safe digital transition was to perform an exhaustive study of the market to find out which products would have the best fit, which had more online competition, and which were most popular. Once this analysis was done, a website that best conveyed La Botiga’s value was designed, based on their natural and quality products.

The website development in itself was an extensive job, as there were more than 500 products to upload to the catalogue. With regards to content, a storytelling was created to convey the identity and essence of La Botiga to the clients and an in depth SEO optimisation in three languages. A blog was also created where monthly posts about the properties of the products or interesting recipes were posted.

From the communication strategy that was established to generate content for the website, Jungle Communications created profiles for La Botiga on Facebook and Instagram to reach a larger audience and retain clientele using a familiar tone, boosting interaction. In this sense, the content that the brand posted on social media centered on sharing useful information about its products and showing the production processes to convey the message of quality and sustainability that plays an essential part in their communicative strategy.


La Botiga’s digital transition brought with it fantastic results. Website traffic objectives were obtained very rapidly, especially due to the success of the blog. The SEO optimisation enabled a great brand positioning online and alongside the creation and optimisation of social media accounts, achieved a sensible growth in La Botiga’s clientele.



Digital Communication

Website design and development
Content marketing for website positioning
Content translation
Brand concept development
Trend studies and sector audits within the country
Competitor analysis