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Jimmy Mambo Parasailing

Jimmy Mambo Parasailing


Jimmy Mambo Parasailing is an Ibizan business dedicated to parasailing, a water sport where one or various people are attached to a parachute and towed by a speedboat. Being a pioneer business on the island the owner had never thought about the necessity to have a website, but when their competitors with less experience started to gain ground he decided to take a dive into the digital world. Jimmy Mambo decided to put his trust in Jungle Communications. Through our consultancy service, we advised on the creation of an online booking system as the audience was mainly international and booking in advance was essential. Thus, Jimmy Mambo Parasailing digital brand was created, one of the most important day time activities in Ibiza. 


After an in depth analysis of Jimmy Mambo Parasailing’s situation and potentialities in the digital world we got the ball rolling. The most important part of this project at the time of launching the digital brand was making sure it had all the weight and prestige the brand had on the island. For that purpose we generated website content that would optimise usability as well as showing the best parasailing experience. As well as the website, Jungle Communications created a corporate manual to steer all of the communication lines in the same direction. With these well established bases we created a logo and a brand strategy so that Jimmy Mambo Parasailing’s arrival to the digital world would have a large impact. This, along with the development of content marketing to improve website positioning and content translation, allowed for a strong and prestigious digital brand via a static, functional and well positioned website.


The results of the Jimmy Mambo Parasailing’s digital strategy were most positive. During the following season, the bookings increased significantly, completing the capacity for 70% of the period. The website reached the highest position in search engines for the sector and the brand increased its prestige and visibility on the island. What is more, the use of Google My Business’ tools led to an increase in visibility and image thanks to user reviews. This project was a very satisfactory experience.



Digital Communication

*Corporate manual creation
*Website design and development
*Content marketing for website positioning
*Content translation
*Brand concept creation

Graphic Design

* Logo creation