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Kairos Travel

Kairos Travel


Kairos Travel is a travel agency with headquarters in Andorra. Their speciality is personalised holidays, centring themselves on the specific needs of their clients to make the difference with a unique experience tailored to the needs of the traveller. When Kairos Travel turned to Jungle Communications their website was poorly optimised and didn’t generate the desired conversions. Through various consultancies and substantial work on website development and content creation we achieved a functional and aesthetic website to show everything Kairos Travel can offer their clients.


As with any project, Kairos Travel’s objective was to increase the volume of clients. Their website was somewhat obsolete in terms of design and usability, it didn’t exploit the business’ potential to the fullest. The project commenced with a series of consultancies with the client so we could emerge ourselves in the brand’s essence. After analysing the aspects that needed improving we studied the digital tendencies within the sector to apply those with best results to Kairos Travel.

Through content marketing and an optimal structure we achieved a website that was an extension of the brand. Which is key to transmit the business’ values and essence to potential clients. On the other hand, being conscious of the fact that it’s essential to offer their products in English we translated the website content to make it even more functional. Thus, with the new design and applying layout strategy to maximise conversions, Kairos Travel obtained the perfect website.


Kairos Travel’s results were fantastic. In addition to achieving better positioning for the website, the new design caused a substantial increase in relations through the contact form which was the main objective. Furthermore, Kairos Travel’s image improved and the brand gained visibility within its sector due to a more aesthetic, functional and optimised website.



Digital Communication

* Corporate website
* Website design and development
* Content marketing for website positioning
* Content translation
* Brand concept development
* Trend study and audits of websites in the sector
* Creation of a desktop and responsive website
* Layout strategy to maximise conversions