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La Boîte à Perles

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La Boîte à Perles is a French business that sells costume jewellery online. They came to Jungle Communications with an interesting project and quality product, but without a good corporate manual or a defined image. Also lacking online presence, a fundamental step to increasing online sales.

Another important aspect that Jungle Communications needed to pose at the time of taking on this project was database management. Keeping track of website traffic and conversions (sales) was fundamental when evaluating the efficiency of the strategies. Ultimately, our objective was to optimise brand conversions through social media, website positioning strategies and sales control.


The first step in the updating plan proposed by Jungle Communications was to design a corporate manual that could be used as a base for the communication strategy and all the subsequent actions. From here on, a marketing and communication strategy was designed and implemented that was conveyed especially in social media although some website content was also modified.


Subsequently, Jungle Communications centered on carrying out social media campaigns to attract new clientele and grow La Boîte à Perles’ online community. In this sense, centering their activity on online sales, the objective was to reach an international audience. On the other hand, email marketing campaigns were designed and applied with the intention of directly reaching the products potentially interested audience thus increasing sales.

All of this, the precise website traffic analysis, conversion rate and other essential parameters helped to increasingly specify the communication strategy.


Jungle Communications main success with La Boîte à Perles was the progressive increase in sales month by month due to the optimisation of website positioning, the content and a communication strategy that promptly offered results. Another factor that contributed to the increase in turnover was the great success of email marketing, with more than a 30% conversion rate. 

On social media, La Boîte à Perles community hasn’t stopped growing and interacting with the brand, which has also generated a good influx of traffic to the website.



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