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La Vida és Xula

La Vida és Xula


La Vida és Xula is an association that is dedicated to raising funds to finance cancer research. At Jungle Communications we love participating in charity projects and this was a very special one. All of our team focused all of their energy into creating a good brand that would help La Vida és Xula to attain its objectives: raise funds to improve the quality of life of patients with breast cancer and their families. The association emerged as a tribute to a woman who lost her life to breast cancer, which was why it was a beautiful challenge to make sure the digital brand transmitted not only the values of the projects, but also the legacy of a very special person.


The communication strategy and plan of action was subject to the creation of a new line of merchandising that would make the most of the new logo. Creating the logo was the first step, since we needed an axis on which to revolve the whole project. Once designed, we advised the client to launch a product line with the logo of the association as a means to raise funds, which we uploaded to the website and made available to the public through e-commerce. The website structure was designed to best convey the essence of the project, through content we created and uploaded following optimisation criteria to improve website positioning.
In addition, we launched La Vida és Xula’s social media accounts following the same communicative tone used on the website.


La Vida és Xula’s success caused great satisfaction for the whole team at Jungle Communications. A total that amounted to more than 20,000€ was raised to improve the lives of women suffering from breast cancer and their families, thanks to the organisation of events and the sale of merchandising. Both were posted on social media platforms, where interaction was very high. At the same time, La Vida és Xula achieved a fantastic level of fame with appearances in the press, radio and television.



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