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Les Aromes de provence


Aire de Venus is a business that dedicates itself to personal care products with two establishments, one in Barcelona and another in Menorca. Working with prestigious french brands such as Durance, Lampe Berger, Marius Fabre and Esteban Paris. When they approached Jungle Communications their digital communication was not effective and they wanted to increase its sales through the website. Their online communication is carried out through the name: lesaromesdeprovence.com

To achieve this, Jungle Communications worked on optimising their website and creating a communication strategy that would generate, on the one hand, interaction with the public through content and website traffic.


The main objective of this project was to improve the figures of online sales. To this effect, Jungle Communications designed a communication strategy based on creating and consolidating a strong digital brand. The first step was to create a corporate manual that would provide work guidelines for the brand. Once the bases were established, a logo and a brand strategy were designed to transmit the values and identity of Aire de Venus.

To improve sales through the website it was fundamental to correct usability and improve the content so that it was more attractive and would position better. For this we used content marketing, always basing communications on the previously established guidelines.
To develop the brand concept it was very important to do a good job with social media. In this sense, we decided to opt for a content with high informative value about Aire de Venus’ products, which are all mainly handmade. The objective was to give added value to the public and make Aire de Venus an interesting brand for the users. We also integrated Facebook Shopping in order to directly access the products.

Aside from digital management, Jungle Communication has also managed photoshoot sessions to obtain visual material of the products and the design of offline media, following the guidelines established in the communication strategy.


At present, Aire de Venus has increased its community on social media and their website is a regular source of sales. Website optimisation and the adaptation of their digital business have led to a very significant increase in online revenue, a very important resource nowadays for small businesses.



Digital Communication

Website corrections and improvements to useability
Content marketing for website positioning
Brand concept development
Digital marketing strategy
Integration of Facebook Shopping
Social Media management

Graphic Design

Logo creation and brand strategy
Corporate manual creation
Photo management