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Medilast is the leading brand in Spain for medical compression products. Founded in 1970, it is a pioneering brand in product innovation in the field of venous pathologies and trauma recovery treatments. Jungle Communications has helped develop its digital brand to gain notoriety within its sector, where it is a referent.


With the arrival of this client, the main task we had was to convert Medilast’s products, of which the public only had a medical perception, into something more everyday and useful for any user from a “prevention” concept. To do this, we studied the brand, its environment and its market to get to know it in depth and be able to develop a precise strategy that would serve as a roadmap for our management.

Once the way forward was defined, we began the social media management. Medilast has an extensive catalog and a high quality product, so it was essential to communicate the values ​​of the brand and the product itself as efficiently as possible in order to make its benefits reach the general public. We started an Influencer Marketing campaign which, in addition to generating quality content for the brand, strengthened the concept of the products being for everyday life, that we wanted to convey, contacting people from the brand’s target sectors. In parallel, a brand awareness growth plan was designed and executed, carrying out branding campaigns on social media platforms to increase reach and brand awareness.


Increased perception of preventive compression as an example of daily practice to be followed among impacted users. Brand communication as a fashion accessory, generated a feeling of “take care of yourself with Medilast” as a daily use product. Collaborations with influencers from the fashion sector and the brand’s target sectors benefitted from the preventive compression and effectively communicated our new brand message to their followers. This resulted in an ever growing amount of people that know the brand as an everyday product, far from its previous medical only perception.