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Monsel Barcelona is a bridal dress and complements business founded in 1859. When they contacted Jungle Communications they didn’t have a website, as it is a very traditional business that has always carried out its activity in a physical establishment. After more than 150 years of experience, being one of the pioneering brands in the sector on a national level, the business decided to take the leap into the digital world with the creation of a website. To carry out this important step they relied on Jungle Communications.

The challenge with this lovely project was to be able to create a functional website that conveyed the essence of a centenary business, with a very extensive experience that grants it a prestige in the grasp of very few brands.


Monsel did not require a brand design, because its broad background makes it a brand with a strong presence and visibility. In this sense, the most important part was correctly adapting it to the digital world. In order to do this we conducted an in depth study of the leading businesses in the sector that had online presence and we analysed what type of communication was the most appropriate.

Once the bases were established, Jungle Communications work was centered around designing and developing a website that not only portrayed the catalogue in a comfortable and attractive way for the user, but would also reflect the experience of such a long-lived business.
This was obtained through content marketing tactics that helped convey the essence of the brand and integrated all the website content around one concept.


The greatest success of this project was to make sure a brand with over 150 years of history made the jump to the digital world in an effective and safe way, maintaining all the values that make it a go-to company in the sector. The fact that we were able to achieve a functional and attractive website with great informative value about the brand made this a very satisfactory project for Jungle Communications.



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