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Rosper Club Hípico

Rosper Club Hípico


Rosper is a horse riding club located near Barcelona. It was created in 1999 and since then have offered quality education, trained staff and a good training program that includes disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, eventing and equestrian tourism among others. Rosper also offers leisure activities for families, with barbecue facilities and children’s activities. Being a client with so much to offer, Jungle Communications role in this project was to create a correct digital communication to convey the essence of a close business that always opts for quality and the experience of their services. For this we analysed what makes Rosper Club Hípico such a special business and we enhanced it to the maximum with marketing tools and digital communication.


This project presented us with the opportunity to work with some very healthy and interesting concepts such as, the respect for animals and nature. The first step was to conduct a complete study of the sector’s trends in order to find the best way to offer these types of services.

Subsequently, a brand concept on which all communications, from the website to social media would be based around was designed and developed. Once this was defined we got the ball rolling with the website. Even though Rosper already had a website it was old and didn’t optimise the content correctly. So we searched for a design that would maximise conversions (bookings), but that above all, would best convey the values and essence of the brand, since this was our most valuable resource. In this sense we took on the very important task of content marketing to position the website and it’s content in the most attractive way possible. After that, we transferred this brand experience that we had generated on the website to social media.

Jungle Communications offered a very important branding proposal to transform Rosper into a brand with a great presence and capacity to connect with their audience, since we understood that the emotional factor was very important in this project.


A new communicative tone allowed Rosper to reach more than double the followers it had previously. An increase which in turn resulted in an improvement in the website results, where the structure offered more and better information to the users through a modern, clean and functional design. 



Digital Communication

*Corporate website
*Website design and development
*Content marketing for website positioning
*Content translation
*Brand concept development
*Trend study and audits of websites in the sector
*Creation of a desktop and responsive website
*Layout strategy to maximise conversions