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Sitges Live

Sitges Live


Sitges Live is a four day festival with world renown Irish, Catalan and European artists, musicians and performers. Their cultural offerings include exhibitions, readings, conferences, workshops and performances aimed at a very large audience. Even though the festival has completed several editions it did not possess a big presence on social media. In order to improve their impact on their audience and establish an annual strategy to cover pre, during and post event, they sought out the help of Jungle Communications.


The first step Jungle Communications took with Sitges Live was to facilitate online ticket sales. Up until that moment the tickets were only available at the ticket office. Thus, implementing an e-commerce system and pushing online communication prior to the event were two key points in significantly increasing sales and as a result increasing attendance. With regards to Communication an annual strategy was created to cover the event as well as the time running up to it and after.

Jungle Communications travelled to Sitges to cover the festival live first hand for 5 days which allowed Sitges Live festival to be seen by the public through social media. In this sense, Jungle Communications managed the social media campaigns with messages tailored to each type of audience, for both Ireland and Spain.

Lastly, to complete the integral communication service Jungle Communications offers, we took care of writing the press releases for the festival so that it would be present in the media thus increasingly its fame.


Jungle Communications’ main achievement with this project was the increase in sales that Sitges Live obtained due to e-commerce and the previous communications. The communication plan also managed to increase website positioning, social media interaction (+10%), local attendance and the festival’s fame in Sitges and surrounding towns.



Digital Communication

* Positioning strategy
* Social media optimisation
* Content marketing management
* Email marketing strategy
* Customer loyalty strategy
* Acquisition strategy
* Search engine campaign management
* Social media campaign management


* Press release creation