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Toodles Dolls

Toodles Dolls


Toodles Dolls is a brand that creates collectable figurines of world renown characters, from sports, art and culture. The business maintains a meticulous design process and works closely with each of the brands to make sure that their innovative, attractive and fun figurines are as close to the real figure as possible. Jungle Communications role in this project was to create a website that would optimise sales and reflect the values of quality, design and innovation of the product. 


Our  priority in this project was to achieve a website that would increase conversions (sales) sensibly. we worked with objectives that were 100% sellable, however, we tried to give the website added value through content that would reflect the essence of the brand. Since we understood that this would be the best way to create a bond with the public, which is essential in order to increase sales. To do this, we identified Toodles Dolls audience and we carried out a market study to analyse the best trends in the sector, which allowed us to establish guidelines to follow. With this information we designed a website that was tailored to the product, with a very functional structure focused on sales. in this aspect, the categorisation of products was very important, as it simplified the users path.


The results Jungle Communications achieved for Toodles Dolls was a substantial increase in sales which was the main goal. Furthermore, the website positioning on search engines also increased significantly.



Digital Communication

* Website design and development
* Content marketing for website positioning
* Content translation
* Brand concept development
* Trend studies and sector audits within the country
* Competitor analysis