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Yolanda Caral

Yolanda Caral


Yolanda Caral is a personal shopper and image consultant that has a blog and profiles on social media. Through these platforms she shares her passion for fashion and helps her followers with advice about styling and trends. She turned to Jungle Communications to give her digital communication a push with the objective of making her work reach a higher number of people.


The first step to making Yolanda’s passion for fashion reach the maximum number of potentially interested people was to study her style and communicative tone. This would then be used as a reference when developing a communication plan. Once that was done, a strategy that served as a guideline was developed.

Since the contents of her blog had a high informative value Jungle Communication only needed to optimise her texts so that they would be efficient in terms of SEO. Thus helping to improve positioning and achieving a higher impact. With regards to social media, our task was to inform about all of her collaborations and concrete actions that took place, as well as all the trends that she found interesting as an image consultant and her new blog posts. All of this under the same communicative tone with the objective to establish Yolanda as a reference for fashion and trends.


The application of communicative criteria designed by Jungle Communications allowed her to improve the image of the brand and increase her number of followers, thus allowing her content to reach a larger audience. As a result, she achieved a major improvement in positioning and boosted her prestige and reputation within the sector.



Digital Communication

*Corporate website
*Website design and development
*Content marketing for website positioning
*Brand concept development
*Social media management
*Trend study and audits of websites in the sector
*Creation of a desktop and responsive website
*Layout strategy to maximise conversions