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The Strength of Retargeting for SMEs

Retargeting campaign: Why?

A retargeting campaign is a great way to re-engage with people who have previously interacted with your brand but for one reason or another slipped away. We’ve all done it – found a really cool website then been distracted by the “real” world off-line and forgotten all about it… until, as if by chance, up it pops again and nudges us to remember what we were looking at.

Simply put, creating a retargeting campagn lets you identify people who visited your website or landing pages and left. Then it allows you multiple further chances to show your ads directly to them as they browse elsewhere. By retargeting you can remind them you’re there, get your audience more familiar with you, increase brand awareness, strengthen brand recall and it provides you with a direct opportunity to recapture their attention.

Why a retargeting campaign works so well

The answer is in the name. You are retargeting this audience of yours, so by definition they’ve already shown an interest in something you have to offer. This makes them a higher value audience, as returning visitors are a lot more likely to convert than first time visitors.

People who don’t convert the first time may have either:

  • Not had the time
  • Needed to understand more about how your product can help them
  • Didn’t have their credit card handy
  • Not been ready to hand money over to a company they’re not familiar with

Even if the result isn’t a direct conversion in the short-term retargeting plays a major role increasing brand awareness with your target audience. Either way a retargeting campaign provides valuable additional benefits from your primary ad spend.


How a retargeting campaign works

You’ve spent all this time and effort enticing your target audience to your site only for the overwhelming majority of them to leave without taking further action – most of them never to return. If only there was a way to get them back…

This is where retargeting steps up. This cool little option works by using an unobtrusive cookie-based pixel to follow your visitors around online giving you the option to serve them up with one of your super-duper ads at another time. The little pixel is stored on the device of users who have visited your page. The cookie has no effect on your website performance and the data it receives can be passed to platforms such as Google or Facebook. Add them to an audience and follow them with branded ads across the web. As these previous visitors roam around online visiting other websites, search engines, Apps, or on their social media pages they can be fed your adverts.


The added advantages of retargeting

Retargeting is a lot more than just a way of getting back in front of your audience. As well as being great for raising brand awareness.  Dynamic retargeting considers the products or services that people viewed on your site. Using insight gained from the content they showed an interest in on your site you can add visitors to an audience persona group and run specific campaigns, with ads aimed perfectly at them. Earning you another chance to connect and establish a relationship that would otherwise be lost.


That’s all for today from Jungle Communications, your digital marketing agency. We’ll be more than happy to explain all of the different marketing tools available for your brand, and see exactly which are the most recommended to reach the objectives we help you set for your brand on a short and long term basis. See you soon and thanks for reading!