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Jungle, our digital marketing agency

About us

Jungle Communications is team of digital marketing professionals who will give our all for you. We want to be your team. What do you say?

To best represent you and guide your digital marketing, we believe it’s essential to create a personalized proposal that focuses on the strategic marketing plan of each brand you won and its specific objectives
We differ from the usual digital marketing agencies. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ solutions, instead we offer unique and tailored marketing plans for each and every one of our clients.
We listen to the stories behind each of our clients’ brands, what they enjoymost about their day to day, how the partners met, why they came up with the idea, what inspired the creation of their brand, right down to whether they had coffee or tea at their first meeting. It’s that insight plus a multitude of other stories, they tell us that makes their brand unique.


The point is, we want to be the ones who help you shape the story of your company, recount your history, express your reason for being and layer the finer details that explain your business and who you are for both your current and potential audience. Why, you might ask yourself? Because we are true believers that stories are there to tell, that nothing exists in a vacuum. It’s the story behind your brand that resonates. That’s what your audience wants to hear. That’s the connection.


Our focus is on achieving your marketing objectives and to do that it’s important to recognize that in most instances there are many, many brands out there offering similar products. What differentiates them is their personality and the experience they offer their customers. That is your story, and it’s the one we want to tell.
Our team

Joana Serret


Cristina Rodrigues


Victor Contreras

Art Director & Graphic Design

Rubén Pinedo

Spain Social Media Manager

Leonor Rodrigues

Portugal Social Media Manager

Javier Pastor

Programador Web Senior

Meghan Corte

France Social Media Manager

Hilary Blackshaw

Business Consultant

Lucy Tibble

Social Media

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Fancy a chat?