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Web Design & Development

Nowadays it isn't conceivable to have a brand without web presence. Not just any website, but a website that defines your brand. It has to be able to represent you. When a user enters your website they need to feel like they're meeting you, they need to see what you offer, what your values are and see your USPs. We are all aware that it is important for a physical store to look good, have a good interior design, position products attractively, and that all workers are friendly and interact with incoming customers. Your website must do the same. The difference is that in the digital jungle, the competition is a couple of clicks away, so your brand should stand out even more than in the offline world. Users have several options on the web when they search for something they want, that's why your website should not only be in the top positions of search engines, but also, when you get a user to enter, they have to love it. We put it like this, because otherwise, they will leave your website, and you will have lost the opportunity to create a lasting relationship with a client. That's how important it is.

WhatWhat do we do?

Web structure analysis and conversion funnel

We analyse your competition, your sector and its particular trends, search volumes and the specific needs of your brand. Then we create a web structure aimed at making you stand out from the competition and direct the user to the achievement of the set objectives.

Web Content SEO optimisation

SEO is the king of search engines. If you want to be found, your website must follow SEO recommendations. We carry out an analysis of search trends for your product / service and create a content plan that uses the most appropriate terms and structure to achieve a good search engine ranking.

Graphic design and optimised layout for conversion

We take into account the corporate colors of your brand and fonts to create a website with a visually dynamic and modern layout, aimed at getting leads. We also enhance the strongest points of your product or service to highlight them visually and draw the user’s attention.

Some of our Website Clients

Why Jungle Communications?Communications?

We exist where creativity takes flight

We go all out, to put together distinguishing content that highlights exactly what your company stands for. Distinctive content that allows you to stand out and take off.

We are passionate about the digital world

We love what we do. We love digital. We love the world of communication and we transfer that passion into the content we generate for your brand.

We’re by your side when you need us

Our dedication means that we’re always available to meet your needs. We don’t insist on complex bureaucracy. When you need us, you can talk to us via WhatsApp, email or however you prefer.

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