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Social Media Strategy & Management

If you are here it's because you know that social media is an essential platform for your brand. Or if you aren't completely sure, we can tell you already, they are essential for your brand. When you join Jungle Communications, our digital marketing team develops a social media strategy for you based on qualitative and quantitative goals to reach business and brand goals. We take the time to get to know your brand in order to be the best communicators, we delve into your sector, as well as the essence of your company and it's personality. We believe that a relationship between agency and brand must be close, as we want to know everything that happens to you, both to help you at all times and to enhance the every day-to-day story of your brand. People interact with brands that tell their true stories and show their human side and added value. With Jungle Communications you can do the same.

WhatWhat do we do?

Social media strategy

Strategy allows us to establish a brand voice, visual guides and formats that work for you. It’s where we create objectives and goals that help us in making decisions about what type of posts to use, how often to publish, and where best to publish each type of content to reach its maximum potential.

Content generation and planning

Once the strategy is defined, it’s time to get content planning! Based on the pre-established content types, we propose a monthly communication plan for each social network taking into account your specific campaigns and important dates.

Engage with your community

Because it can’t be one-way communication! We boost communication with your community on each social network, talking to each of them on behalf of your brand; We help you as a customer service channel and we also create close relationships with each of your followers.

Some of our Social Media Strategy & Management Clients

Why Jungle Communications?Communications?

We exist where creativity takes flight

We go all out, to put together distinguishing content that highlights exactly what your company stands for. Distinctive content that allows you to stand out and take off.

We are passionate about the digital world

We love what we do. We love digital. We love the world of communication and we transfer that passion into the content we generate for your brand.

We’re by your side when you need us

Our dedication means that we’re always available to meet your needs. We don’t insist on complex bureaucracy. When you need us, you can talk to us via WhatsApp, email or however you prefer.

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