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Press & Public Relations

Press & PublicPublic RelationsRelations

We manage your relationship with other institutions and the media so that your online and offline communication go hand in hand. We establish a tone based on the brand comminication strategy and apply it to convey your essence and values in each interation with these external agents. We look after your public relations and develop comprehensive communication, including press release creation and direct contact with the media. If your brand organises an event and you need complete coverage, Jungle Communications is here to offer you the solutions you need.

WhatWhat do we do?

Public Image

We establish a communicative tone necessary to generate a good brand image. We look after all brand relations with their environment so they follow the same previously established strategies.

Media Contact

We take care of managing the brand relationship with the media to achieve positive and prolific relations. Media communication is a very important resource to gain brand awareness and at Jungle Communications we place a strong emphasis on this.

Press Releases

We communicate every important event related to the brand through press releases. We provide a journalistic style to the texts so that the presence in the media is as faithful as possible to our message

Public relations and Press Projects

Why Jungle Communications?Communications?

We exist where creativity takes flight

We go all out, to put together distinguishing content that highlights exactly what your company stands for. Distinctive content that allows you to stand out and take off.

We are passionate about the digital world

We love what we do. We love digital. We love the world of communication and we transfer that passion into the content we generate for your brand.

We’re by your side when you need us

Our dedication means that we’re always available to meet your needs. We don’t insist on complex bureaucracy. When you need us, you can talk to us via WhatsApp, email or however you prefer.

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