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Jamie Luke Health & Fitness

Fundació Crèdit Andorrà


Jamie Luke Health & Fitness is a gym that specialises in TRX training, a sport that helps develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability with low-impact exercise. A very interesting place with a lot to offer, which is the basis of any good project. The client turned to Jungle Communications to improve the image of his business through an optimised web page that would show not only the brand’s services but also its values and essence.


It’s important to note that when Jaime & Luke came to Jungle, it was just before launching new services at their gym, so improving communication was doubly important. The client already had a web page, but it had become somewhat obsolete in its design and did not optimise the content, so from Jungle Communications, we tried to leapfrog in quality. After doing an in-depth market study to observe successful trends, we decided to bet on a striking design that conveyed the reality of a sporty, welcoming space with the perfect environment to get fit. As the client wanted to add new services to the web, we took the opportunity to review all the content and rewrite it to make it as optimal as possible, both in terms of its impact on users and its SEO. All of this, following a very defined communication strategy, set the guidelines for a web page that was highly successful among the gym’s clients.


As we have mentioned, the new Jamie & Luke website was a complete success. The design, colours, content, and distribution achieved an exceptional digital experience, transmitting the values and essence of the brand in a very precise way. This translated into a great conversion rate, the main objective of any business.



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