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Click for Counselling

Fundació Crèdit Andorrà


Click for Counseling is a website that offers online therapy to people who need help from home. This is a pioneering project in Europe since, when the project arose, there were not too many websites that offered this service throughout the continent. It is more common to find these types of portals in the United States, which served as our starting point. This was a very special project for Jungle Communications since its premise was to create a website that would help people.


The preparation for this project was somewhat more extensive than for others since, in addition to studying the company and the sector, we had to be very careful when offering online therapy services so that they complied with the legislation. For this reason, we took some time to get all the information we needed before starting to design the website. Once this process was finished, we got to work. We had to search for software that had all the features we needed and, in addition, allowed therapy sessions to be carried out under current data protection legislation. On the other hand, we also included branding content on the web so that visitors could understand what Click for Counseling was and what it could do to help people.


The result of our work on this project was a modern, functional website with a very intuitive layout that offered detailed information on the brand’s activity. On the other hand, search engine positioning within the sector was achieved.



Digital communication

Corporate Web
Web design and development
Content marketing for web positioning
Translation of content
Creation of brand concepts
Study of trends and audit of industry websites
Creation of a usable web page in deskop and responsive
Layout strategy to maximise conversions