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Comapedrosa Andorra


Comapedrosa Andorra is the second phase of the World Mountain Ski Cup that also takes place in France, Germany, Italy and China. After many years of hosting the competitions of the World Cup under the name Font Blanca, the competition changed name for the 2020 edition, becoming Comapedrosa Andorra. El change of name is due to the change of location where the World Cup takes place. While traditionally each one of the two competitions that Andorra organises were celebrated in different sites, Arinsal and Arcalís, on this occasion both were to be held in Arinsal, where Comapedrosa, the highest point of the country and the center of one of the most important natural areas of the principality: the communal natural park of Valls del Comapedrosa, is located.


Jungle Communications’ role in this project was to create a powerful communication plan to make Comapedrosa Andorra known as the new brand name while respecting and enhancing everything that had brought prestige to Arcalís going back many years. To do so, the first step was to redirect the website to a new domain (www.comapedrosaandorra.com) and change the name and images of the social media profiles: Facebook and Instagram.

The most important aspect was to give Comapedrosa Andorra the profile that a World Cup deserves despite being a completely new brand. Once the website domain had been changed, a big SEO optimisation job had to be done to improve the positioning of the brand in search engines. With regards to social media, we bet for a strong branding content to convey to the public the identity and values of the World Cup in Andorra through its new name. Further on, the content became progressively more centered on the competition in order to end up with posts purely about the cup with coverage of the competition and all the events related to the World Cup.

In this aspect, Jungle Communications carried out a full coverage of the competition both on social media, with competition tracking and live results and in the media. Both during the competition and before, we managed the press department keeping in contact with the media, attending press conferences and writing releases, thus completing the integral communication service carried out by Jungle Communications for this project.


In addition to the success of the communication of the competition, the digital results for Comapedrosa Andorra were fantastic. In four months of management the number of followers grew, Facebook (+130), Instagram (+313) and Twitter (+61).

The brand communication was excellent, the audience were able to associate the new trade name and the coverage of the event was all encompassing. Conversely, thanks to the work of SEO, the website obtained first place in Google. Ultimately, Comapedrosa Andorra was a success and Jungle Communications achieved all of the digital objectives established before starting the project.