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Ordino Clàssic


Ordino Clàssic is a classical music festival held annually in Andorra. The “Comù d’Ordino”, the administrative body of the region and the Credit Foundation of Andorra, an institute which also forms part of the organisation of the event, placed their trust in Jungle Communications for the coverage of the second edition, held between October 2019 and January 2020.

Jungle Communications’ role in this project was all-encompassing, ranging from the design and development of a new website to social media management, event coverage and press liaison.


We commenced approximately a month before the festival took place. We began by reassessing the festival’s digital brand, designing the poster, establishing a communication strategy and commenced posting on social media (Facebook and Instagram), which was a very important element in the project because it allowed the essence of the event to be conveyed at the same time as providing updates. Simultaneously, a press conference presenting the event was held and the first press releases were composed.

The communicative tone that was used on social media, the website and in the press releases centered on transmitting Ordino Clássic’s values, a music festival that aims to reach the Andorran public and provide a powerful cultural offering to the country. Thus, despite having renown international artists such as Ara Malikian, Ordino Clássic served to assert Andorra’s musical heritage, which helped connect with the public.

Ordino Clássic was composed of three concerts that had full coverage from Jungle Communications before, during and after. To that effect, an important aspect was the interviews with the artists, which served to best present the performances, being told by the protagonists themselves.


In the digital world, the work carried out by Jungle Communications enabled Ordino Clássic to grow their online community, both on Facebook and Instagram. On the other hand, website traffic objectives were met. From a more intangible perspective, Ordino Clássic managed to grow in this second edition with regards to brand recognition within the Andorran public, which has allowed it to lay foundations for future editions.

The success of the second edition of Ordino Clássic was, above all, the great attendance which each concert drew. Especially in Ara Malikian’s concert, where the tickets sold out in a matter of minutes.