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Le Studio



Le Studio is a hairdressing salon in Barcelona. Its owner, Cédric, opened the business in January 2018, and since then, it has not stopped growing thanks to his quality work and charisma that captivates all his clients. Cédric wanted to take the Le Studio brand one step further and contacted us to present his project. Jungle created the Le Studio brand and maximised it both digitally and physically. Cédric’s objective was to create a powerful brand that would generate many reservations for his salon, an objective for which Jungle developed a comprehensive communication strategy that went from the creation and implementation of the website and social networks to the design of flyers for the establishment.


This was a very special project for us since it was about creating the digital brand of a personal project and promoting it to generate a specific market niche. To achieve this, we designed a logo and created a web page so that clients could make their reservations online. At the same time, we created profiles for Le Studio on Facebook and Instagram; we developed a communication strategy to generate valuable content that would strengthen the newly created brand and give it notoriety within its sector in Barcelona. The main goal of developing a brand and communication style was essential to attract clients to Le Studio. The most important thing in this regard was, firstly, finding the salon’s market niche and exploiting it to the maximum, and secondly, generating a simple and functional reservation system. For this, it was decided to enable reservations both through the website and through social networks, and, of course, by phone. Customers can easily make reservations and use multiple platforms as a result of this.


Today, Le Studio is a recognised brand with a good community of followers on its social networks that also continues to grow every day. On the other hand, your website is on the first page of Google for your search terms, and the online reservation system is optimal and has gran daily activity. But the most significant thing that Le Studio has achieved is that its clientele is part of its brand. Through highly personal and customer-focused content, Le Studio has achieved an engagement rate that very often exceeds 10%. Some great figures show the strength of a young but established brand that will continue to grow true to its style and to the people who trust it.